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 Post subject: Random Sport Science & EEA Considerations
 Post Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 2:49 pm 
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Random Sport Science & EEA Considerations

• We have very limited time and distance to apply force in sport. At top sprint speed, an “elite” athlete spends approximately 80-120ms on the ground. A “good” athlete spends less than 250ms. It is not uncommon for HS athletes to be at well above 500ms when they initially start at EEA; no matter what type of training they have done in the past!

• Power and strength are two completely different traits. Power is dependent on time; strength is NOT. Therefore, focusing on power production is the single most important thing that we can do to produce greater athletic performance in most sports.

• Athletes bodies are required to absorb anywhere from 1 ½ to 8 times their bodyweight while performing sports-specific tasks. If this isn’t addressed during training, the likelihood of non-contact injuries (ACL, MCL, hamstrings, ankle sprains) in sports increases considerably.

• Most athletes train only the taking off portion of movement (the concentric action) without taking into consideration the extreme amount of force required to be absorbed in most human movements. Most training programs also advocate a slow downward (eccentric action) movement on most lifts. However, this is not the way the body absorbs/lengthens while playing the sport. Thus, we must teach the body to efficiently utilize that force and allow it to enhance subsequent movements.

• The movement/action and power developed from the hips/glutes are far more important than the action occurring at any other joint or muscle region. Thus, an objective for success in the training of most of our athletes is to require them to become more hip/glute dominant.

• Every sport requires different demands and different power ‘profiles’. Thus, it’s important to keep a constant awareness as to how the Power Continuum affects the training of one’s sport.

• Optimal training philosophies for athletic performance are constantly evolving due to the latest scientific research. Thus, if we expect our sons/daughters to train the way that we did when we were their age, we will not be getting the most innovative and advanced program possible.

• When running, jumping or changing directions during sport there will often (and optimally) be 2 peaks of force developed; one at the transition between downward and upward movement and one at the point when the foot reaches toe-off. However, traditional strength training actually hampers this ‘triple-extension’ function because it requires the body to decelerate at the top of the rep. We must perform movements that mimic this triple extension phase in the same way that it occurs during the sport.

• Studies have shown that an athlete’s performance characteristics often decline throughout their sports season if they cease training. Too often, coaches and parents feel that they don’t have to prioritize in-season performance training. However, when do you want your athletes to peak? At the beginning of the season or the end?!

• EEA will ensure the training has the desired effect out on the field, court or track. We do this by often attending our athletes’ events and critiquing them. We are than able to change what they are doing to better optimize movement efficiency.

• Training programs at one’s HS or at other training facilities are often very ‘cookie cutter’. However, at EEA, no two programs are ultimately designed the same. We are all individuals who require much different training responses. Thus, we take into account individual strengths and weaknesses of the athlete in order to more efficiently produce faster and more complete results.

• At EEA we use very sophisticated testing equipment to monitor training and also prove that we are headed in the right direction. It is easy to say that you are training explosively, but with our testing equipment, we can actually prove it!

• Here at EEA we take a very multi-faceted approach towards training that doesn’t just pertain to the physical, strength training aspects. We offer nutritional consultation and mental strengthening programs with each one of our athletes, as well.

• Trainers at EEA are constantly coaching proper positioning and execution on ALL movements and exercises. This perfectionist attitude helps to foster the movement patterns to occur where it counts; in the actual sport.

• Force absorption, we believe, is the key to all over movements. Not only will it determine the overall efficiency, we know that it will also enhance the body’s resistance to injury. Also remember, athletes CANNOT exert maximal force until they have learned to absorb it (Newton’s Law – For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).

• At EEA we understand the demands of all sports and their respective practices/games. Thus, we work with our athletes to come up with the most optimal training schedule that will allow for maximal game day performance, while working around their personal schedules.

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