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 Post subject: How is YOUR Progress Being Measured?
 Post Posted: Wed May 04, 2011 5:35 pm 
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How is YOUR Progress Being Measured?
By: Jason Thompson, Business Director

Whether you’re inspired to get into better shape, increase your power output, or even be the top performing sales person in your office, you must be subjective about how your progress is being measured. In the sales world, maybe that’s as easy as comparing your actual sales numbers to your goal number. Looking to increase your power output? Well, before you couldn’t bench press 225lb and now you can……that must equate to real progress, right? How about your goal to get into better shape? Checking the scale every day? Is this the best possible way to measure your progress? I would have to disagree on ALL accounts!

What if you’re new to the sales office and the previous salesperson developed several great relationships that have allowed you to continue reaping the benefits? That sales figure may be a little less valuable to measuring your success as a salesperson than you originally thought. What if, however, YOU won a new client, developed the relationship, and acquired substantial sales from this new client? This seems like real progress in my opinion. It immediately becomes evident that YOU are progressing as a salesperson!

Now, let’s discuss getting into better shape? Tracking your weight on a scale may be one way to go about things, but what if that number stops moving as much as you’d like? Maybe you drank a bit more water one day than the next. Remember that water weighs approximately 8 pounds per gallon so that weight could fluctuate quite a bit. Also, if you’re new to weight training you could easily find that your body is beginning to acquire some new found muscle tissue that is offsetting the weight of some of the fat being lost. This could be great news to you that the scale is hiding. Maybe you should check to see how your clothes are fitting, or take a look at actually have your body fat measured with a calipers. The results may shock you!

Lastly, and closest to home for EEA is how you go about measuring your power output. Just because two years ago you couldn’t bench or squat X pounds and now you can does not mean that your power output changed at all. But wasn’t that the goal? Remember folks, strength and power are NOT the same. Power takes into account time whereas absolute strength is time independent. Ultimately, there are VERY few sport movements where time does not matter!! So what exactly is your training doing for you? Everyday at Explosive Edge, we aim to educate our athletes so they understand how science plays a part in helping them achieve their goals. Their progress is measured using tools that cannot be tricked or fooled and that don’t rely on human reaction time to measure. Our athletes can see the speed of the movements (digital display) they are doing and get real-time power output values. They do not rely on the fact that they simply added more weight to the bar to feel as though they are making progress. What if they added more weight but the movement became drastically slower? I have some potentially bad news…..their power output likely dropped quite a bit. If you don’t believe me, play out some real life example in your free time. Remember, power = (force x distance) / time. The fact of the matter is this…the less the time taken to execute a movement, the greater the resulting power!

In conclusion, the point I am attempting to hammer home is to always remain subjective about how your progress is being monitored, measured, assessed, etc. Do NOT ever be afraid to challenge whoever is assisting you towards your goal; weather it be your boss, your trainer, or yourself! At Explosive Edge Athletics, we openly accept all questions, comments or concerns you may have with regards to measuring progress. If there is one thing you can do today to start making great progress, no matter what your goal; put your pride aside, remain subjective, have accountability and the sky is the limit!

Athletic Performance Director
Explosive Edge Athletics

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